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Blood coalesced on the tissue Jacob held shakily to his mouth. The coughing fits were growing in frequency. Sleep was hardly an option anymore. One tissue, and then another, and another; he began to rate the severity of the coughing fits over how many tissues he went through. When his coughing ceased, and he was able to rest for a while longer, he looked over at the clock on the side of his bed. ‘Just after midnight,’ he thought. ‘Sixty seven borrowed days past what the doctors told me. I guess I gave this a good fight.’
Jacob took one last look at the portrait of his sister resting by the clock underneath a lone lamp. ‘I almost fought as well as you did, kid. I’ll see you soon.’ The twenty four year old reached over the portrait, his shoulder trembling just to support the weight of his pale, emaciated arm, as he turned out the light. A soft amber glow was visible, cascading gently through the lone window in his room. As his dark brown eyes adj
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Broken records of hours before
Nomadic memories resisting control
I know, I know, my mind is so sore
Sown in the fields of a restless soul
Lost the will to lose the fight
The survivor I never wanted to be
Night to day and day to night
Even the world is mocking me
When will this end?
Even solace granted does not suffice
Never enough, not enough to last
Each night obeys the weighted dice
Another maelstrom fills the forecast
Oh the futility of filling an abyss
The compelling need to do something
Endless and pointless, aimless and restless
A nomadic mind’s eternal suffering
When will this end?
Once was world of color and light
I could hear songs in the whistling wind
Bloodshot eyes stain all in sight
Eardrums beat the brain that has sinned
Tired of sick and sick of tired
Ravaged by ravenous hours of rage
Damn the clock, the tock and tick
Constant reminders of waning age
When will this end?
Oh there are ways, methods to try
Everyone thinks they carry my miracle
Whatever your answer, i
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In a nutshell, I'm the wookiee in the room. I'm a tall, dark-haired dude who probably looks fairly intimidating on approach, but I'm a big softie. The only way I'll hurt you is probably by squeezing a hug too tight. I'm a writer and an artist who aspires to hopefully get a job someday where I can use one or both of those talents. I'm a really big fan of Star Wars and a few other fandoms which you'll see if you check out my gallery. It's always exciting to meet new people and make new friends. Even if you're only interested in being a silent, anonymous Watcher, I really appreciate your support of my work and wish you all the best. Cheers! B-)

Current Residence: United States, Washington
Favourite genre of music: instrumental or with lyrics that are actually understandable
Favourite cartoon character: Holo
Personal Quote: Time is a great antagonist towards the flow of creativity.

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10 Years

Fri Nov 24, 2017, 4:14 PM
Apparently I just hit my 10 year anniversary on DeviantART. My how time flies! Makes me think of how different of a person I was and what my intentions were here when I first came online. 

Since I didn't take my presence on DeviantART seriously when I started, I did not take long to think of a name. I just wanted something that sounded cool. My derpy teenager self thought that "Crimson Knight" sounded wicked cool! Alas, that name was taken, and so were many other forms of combining and misspelling that name. I kept trying though for a whopping 2 minutes, combining the words and getting intimately familiar with the "name already in use" screen. A random try of "Crimsonight" got through though. It was kind of odd, and didn't look much like what I wanted, but I didn't care that much, so there it was. Now, I use "Crimsonight" as my name on most platforms, including games and other forms of online identity. A lot of people call me "Crimson" and I honestly wouldn't want any other name. It's funny how random choices over meaningless things end up defining who we are in one form or another. 

Originally, I had no intention of doing anything worth note, just supporting a friend at the time who was an aspiring photographer. I was also an aspiring photographer, and my friend was rather persuasive. So, she eventually convinced me to do more than support her and I uploaded a few of my photographs here. Yup. Originally, Crimsonight had a gallery full of amateur photographs. I have since removed them all, as my perfectionist self could not tolerate the horrendous resolution of the photographs, especially considering they were scans of photographs taken with (gasp) a film camera!!! Alright, dramatics aside, I didn't stick with photography for very long on here. I was not happy enough with my photographs to upload them, and in all honesty I am still not. So, I transitioned to writing, posting my poems and short stories, including a few that were published in magazines and biannual collections. My writing wasn't getting any attention here though and I was fine with that. DeviantART was only a place for me to find artwork I liked, after all, rather than making a name for myself. Nearly six years ago, I started making 3D character art. I had been experimenting with 3D art for a couple years already and only then, once I was comfortable with some more intense programs, did I think to upload my art to DeviantART rather than share with family and friends. Slowly, people started to notice me, and I actually gained a modest following. As most of you know, the rest is history. I've since reached over 1,000 Watchers and over 100,000 Pageviews. I never wanted such attention, and there are times that I don't want it still. I create art for myself, not for others. That is how I always have been. Even though the attention gets too much at times and I retreat into my introverted sabbaticals, please know that I am always grateful for all of the support you give me. From my oldest Watcher to the newest visitor to my page, I am grateful to all of you and I am so happy that you like what I do. 

One thing that has remained on all of the versions of my DeviantART page has been my tag line, "The Blind Visionary." This name was given to me back in 2006 when I enlisted in the United States Army National Guard. I made it in, but that's about it. I was thrown over to medical hold during my first week of training due to inconclusive vision test results. Long story short, I spent six weeks in medical hold going through all sorts of vision tests. I was diagnosed with "progressive central vision field loss" and "night blindness" with the cause being "unknown." They said I had five years before i would go completely blind. Thankfully, they had a few things wrong, but only time proved them wrong. I spent my time there coming to grips with going blind, and I feverishly drew and wrote on every scrap of paper I could find, desperately clinging to my love for expressing myself through visual mediums. My fellow soldiers stuck in medical hold really loved the dragons I was drawing and the poetry I wrote. One of them said that, despite going blind, I could see more beauty in the world than anyone else in the barracks. They gave me the name "Blind Visionary," and I have held that title close to my heart, as a badge of honor, ever since. For those who are curious, I later found out that I have a very uncommon birth defect. There is no name for it. Simply put, my optic nerves and eyeballs did not form properly by the time I was born, leaving me with permanent (not progressive) central vision field loss, night blindness, and a few other quirks. It is no detriment to me though. I was born this way, so I have no idea what I'm missing out on. I learned originally how to navigate my world with what vision I have, and have only used any naysayer's criticisms to fuel my ambition towards being an artist. Let the world tell me I can't. I can.

Well, I hope it was at least a little interesting learning about me and my origins here on DA. It's been one hell of a roller coaster, but I am enjoying the ride and am looking forward to many more years here. I know a lot of people make cliche "10 years" images, like the ones they do for "1,000 Watchers" and that kind of stuff, but that isn't really my thing. I think such a milestone is just more encouragement to keep doing what I'm doing, and so I have! I've been working on a lot of new 3D props and environments for use in my renders this month, and I am so looking forward to sharing what I have in the works. Thanks again to all of you for supporting me, both here and on Patreon. Cheers! 

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Who shall duel on Friday? 

53 deviants said Ahsoka Tano vs Asajj Ventress
11 deviants said Fernopatrix Zire vs Shae
9 deviants said Kesarah Dilligas vs Mensis
6 deviants said Alaira Dalia vs Avarice Knightfall
6 deviants said Serra Keto vs Asajj Ventress
No deviants said Suggestion: (Please only suggest characters I've already made renders of)


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Christmas has certainly arrived early for me, for Drakarra has made multiple gifts for me that are so very, very gorgeous. Here is Scarlyn and Nyssa aboard the Autumn Reverence during a tender moment. The feelz! :squee:
Together by Drakarra
Drakarra has done something incredible! She has illustrated me and my beautiful girlfriend together! I am speechless with joy over this! I love seeing us in her art style! Go check it out, favorite, comment, and Watch! :woohoo:
A Moment in the Rain by Drakarra
Lightsaber Duel Render Livestream!

This Friday, at 8:00am Pacific Time (I think that is 16:00 GMT?)
You can join me and watch my process from start to finish, including the lightsaber blur style I used in my most recent render, "Survivor."

I still haven't decided who will fight who in this render I will be making. Maybe you can help me decide? Check out my poll:…

I will post another status update with a link to the Livestream shortly before it starts. I'm looking forward to making some more art with you. B-)

My Gaming Platform Usernames

I game! Do you game? Let's game!

:bulletblack: ----------> Crimsonight#11988
:bulletblack: Origin ---------------> Crimsonight3D
:bulletblack: Steam ---------------> crimsonight3d
:bulletblack: World of Warships --> Crimsonight


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NPlaysMC Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2017
What software do you use for your art?
Crimsonight Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Scene construction and rendering: Daz Studio 4.9
Post Production Cleanup and Effects: GIMP 2.8
Props and Resource Modeling: Autodesk Maya 2016
Props and Resource Texturing: Autodesk Mudbox 2016
NPlaysMC Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2017
Thanks. I might consider using those.
Ambrey07 Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2017
Just curious but whatever happened with more Kesa Talks?? Also, anything new for Scarlyn?? :(

Happy Thanksgiving Crimson! :D
Crimsonight Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
KesaTalk will return. It was seriously sidelined by real life and then by other projects, but it will return for two more runs. I'm aiming for the end of the year. 
Scarlyn's bow and is about done, and that's what I'm waiting on before making many more renders with her. I'm going to go ahead and upload another render though that I did a little while ago while on sabbatical. :)

Thanks, and I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving too. :)
HEROMASTER85 Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2017
WHAT do you think of the first order walkers
KariLiimatainen Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2017  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks for the Star!
Ambrey07 Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2017
I'm pretty clueless when it comes to the programs you use for creating your renders. I do have a question though, does the program you use have Togruta templates? I know you used to post some Ahsoka renders but wasn't sure if it already had a template for them or if they just had human templates and you added on say montrals. Look forward to more of your renders! Keep up the excellent work!
Crimsonight Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
It all works on a human base model. I create skin textures and 3D assets to make characters like Ahsoka Tano. 
thormemeson Featured By Owner May 31, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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